SciMyst 2008

The ignorance is taking over the world. As a results, the world as we know it will be destroyed. The battle against the ignorance is upon us and we need your help. As a SciMyst hero, you can save the world by beating the ignorance through knowledge acquisition. Prepare yourself and come to show your heroism in the SciMyst game at the SciFest 2008 festival. The world is counting on you!

In SciMyst, the players are adventuring through a real world context with mobile devices. The game has several modes including solving intriguing enigmas, recoding memories (impressions), helping other players, and battling against the time. By playing the game the players are able to come familiar with the surroundings in engaging and highly motivating manner. The game has also web-based gallery and a real-time battle monitor (see link "vs") through which anybody can follow progress of the game, even from a distance. This way the game involves not only the players but also their friends, family and strangers as well.