IMPDET-LE - providing doctoral education in the interactions between education and technology in a given cultural context

IMPDET-LE (International Multidisciplinary PhD Studies in Educational Technology & Learning Environments) study programme, offers doctoral education in the fields of educational technology and ICT for Development. In the IMPDET-LE programme, the doctoral degree is studied in computer science (Faculty of Science and Forestry) or education/special education (The Philosophical Faculty). The main research interests of the IMPDET-LE programme are:

  • ICT for development
  • natural language processing applications in education
  • design science research in educational technology
  • design of interactive learning technologies

The IMPDET-LE programme follows a blended learning approach, where most of the studies can be done in distance, but the student is also required to spent some periods in one of the campuses of UEF (Joensuu, Kuopio, Savonlinna) in order to receive intensive supervision or to get contact with the research community and peer students.

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