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Glossary of terms

Animation Aided Problem Solving is a research project at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. Jeliot is one of the products this project has produced.
Double buffering
A way of producing flickerless animation. In this scheme each frame in an animation is first drawn element by element to a buffer. When the whole frame is done the image in the buffer is moved on the screen in one move. For more detail, there are many good books on computer graphics explaining in in detail.
Jeliot's predecessor. An algorithm animation environment working in the OpenLook(tm) environment. Accepts input in C-code.
"Java(tm)-Elävät oliot" - Elävät oliot is a Finnish phrase meaning Living beings.
A window where the animation takes place. Jeliot supports multiple stages, i.e. there can be many windows open at the same time showing the animation of an algorithm.
Stage Manager
In Jeliot controlling the different stages, the speed of the animation, among with some other controls is done using the module called the Stage Manager.
Theater metaphor
A metaphor used in describing the workings of Jeliot. Many of the terms that are used in Jeliot have their counterparts in the theater. Explained in more detail in the pages describing Jeliot's predecessor Eliot.
Uniform Resource Locator. An address used on the Web is called URL, one example is "".

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