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About Andrés Moreno

Welcome, this is the web page of Andrés Moreno, PhD student in Educational Technologies.

In the web

You can find further information about me in some spots in the web: Flickr, where you can find some of the pictures I take. At amazon.co.uk, you can have a look of my wish list. Finally, you can check my music tastes by having a look at what I have been listening to.

In Joensuu

I came to Joensuu in September 2002 as an Erasmus student. Since then I have been making a good deal of friends and finding my way here. You can find some pictures and writings about those old times in my old web. That page was quite useful for some people, and that made me happy. If you are still thinking about coming to Joensuu you can always write me and ask whatever you want.

In Madrid

Madrid is my home town. Family, friends, are there waiting for my comeback, that should happen any time from now and the next years. I hope they find interesting my diary and keep writing to me.

Some interests

Days of my life are mostly spent doing not very productive stuff, apart from my PhD. I enjoy listening to music, specially what they call indie music and power pop. I also enjoy doing sports, mostly playing football and swimming. However, I really enjoy sauna, and I cannot stop thinking on the way to move one sauna to Madrid. But please, don't think of one of those "Blue *" saunas.