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questioning the publishing system of research information

Week 5, 2012 Joensuu, Finland Access to information is vital for research. Universities pay considerable amounts of money for accessing the digital repositories. I am grateful to be in a University that is able to have access to a wide … Continue reading

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south korea amusement parks

Week 4, 2012 Joensuu, Finland Oh, my playful me! As much as I enjoy learning, traveling, discovering, being in the nature,….  I also like amusement parks. Actually, I should write a post of my last trip to Disney, even if … Continue reading

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are we making the correct questions? (sequel)

In a previous post I was focusing myself on one specific question. However, today, while preparing my lecture on mobile learning I read an inspiring post from Cameron D. Norman:  Asking if Technology Can Reinvent Education is the Wrong Question. … Continue reading

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are we making the correct question?

A common question I hear is: why games are immersive?.  If there is an answer, I believe it is not a simple one.  Some game researchers respond to the previously stated question of immersion with the flow phenomena that is … Continue reading

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bottom-up & up-bottom

Yesterday I joined an ISS research seminar. I have been out of the loop in so many things while writing my dissertation including what is happening in here. Yes, I lived in a complete volunteer exile. So, it was enriching … Continue reading

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