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Week 44 Genova, Italy Reporting from the VS-Games conference. Yesterday I ran a workshop entitled: designing games for specific contexts. Honestly, I was nervous and excited about it. The process to get the workshop ready was especially interesting. Once the … Continue reading

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pay attention to context: from gamification to pleasurize

Week 6, 2012 Joensuu, Finland The first time I heard about gamification was with the work of Jane McGonigal and later in a video of Jesse Schell, I even have read about this new system of evaluation relating grades to … Continue reading

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use of technology and creativity – section introduction

Without a doubt my blog deserves this section of “use of technology and creativity”, but let me put it in perspective first, as I do not refer to using it only for using it. From my perspective, we construct our … Continue reading

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shooting sequel

My common sense can be losing direction, but there is something that confuses me. Some days ago in Germany, the Galleries Kaufhof announced a strategy to retire from their shelves the “killer games”(killerspiel) a.k.a. violent games. This is a response from the school … Continue reading

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context part 2

I need my time for understanding things, and making up my mind. In addition I try to be flexible while admitting that things can change and my understanding evolve, as I am aware there is a high probability to make … Continue reading

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