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questioning the publishing system of research information

Week 5, 2012 Joensuu, Finland Access to information is vital for research. Universities pay considerable amounts of money for accessing the digital repositories. I am grateful to be in a University that is able to have access to a wide … Continue reading

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are we making the correct questions? (sequel)

In a previous post I was focusing myself on one specific question. However, today, while preparing my lecture on mobile learning I read an inspiring post from Cameron D. Norman:  Asking if Technology Can Reinvent Education is the Wrong Question. … Continue reading

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learning week

week 7 of 2011 Joensuu, Finland In other times I would say the week was busy, but actually all weeks are busy in different ways. In this week, my surroundings where at charge to teach me a lot of things … Continue reading

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promote more reading habits

week 4 of 2011 Joensuu, Finland The days are SO FULL of ideas, events, activities, emotions, dreams and my brain’s digestion is not as fast as the things are happening. But this commitment to post once a week, without pre-awareness, … Continue reading

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about this blog: reviewing basics

week 52 of 2010 from Distrito Federal, Mexico Once upon a time my research group suggested me to have a blog. My memories registered that the purpose of the invitation was to share between us. It made sense to me, … Continue reading

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