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bottom-up & up-bottom

Yesterday I joined an ISS research seminar. I have been out of the loop in so many things while writing my dissertation including what is happening in here. Yes, I lived in a complete volunteer exile. So, it was enriching … Continue reading

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learning week

week 7 of 2011 Joensuu, Finland In other times I would say the week was busy, but actually all weeks are busy in different ways. In this week, my surroundings where at charge to teach me a lot of things … Continue reading

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when mind and heart are in conflict

Three main points create me conflict and/or impotence: 1) Digital technology is a powerful and fragile tool. One of the reasons why I see it powerful is because it can connect ideas, reflections, experiences, without physical boundaries. One reason why … Continue reading

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from interactivity to back-channel (2/3)

  My believe is that all what surround us interacts with us at some level, but it is not that simple to listen to it or be aware about this. E.g. within humans we can find that some people is … Continue reading

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  Some days in my home city invited me to write about context.  My reflection started with the wish to transmit at least a tiny little bit of what was happening there. Some reflections, ideas, inclusive emotions, but unfortunately it … Continue reading

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