Chapter 4

Evolution, the Foundation For Communism, Nazism and Socialism

Before the 1800ís, almost everybody believed that the world was only six or seven thousand years old. They held to the creationist or the Christian world view of history. It has always amazed me how two people can look at the same thing and come to opposite conclusions as to what they are seeing. For instance, two people can both be looking at the Grand Canyon and come up with opposite conclusions on how it got there. The evolutionist stands there and says, "Wow! Look what the Colorado River has done for millions of years." They creationist says, "Wow! Look what the flood did in about 30 minutes." Somebody is wrong!

Here is an example of how two people can conclude something different about the same thing. The item in figure 41 is a calf puller. A what? If you are a farmer, you may have seen one of these. Occasionally, a cow has a difficult time having her first calf. One day, a farmer was pulling a calf out that was a breech birth, meaning the back feet were coming out first. The farmer was using the calf puller with a winch wrapped around the legs of the calf to jack the calf out of the cow. Well, a city slicker stopped to see what was going on because he had never seen anything like this before. He stood there staring over the fence, and the farmer said, "Come here, man! Give me some help!" The city slicker said, "Who me?" The farmer said, "Yes! Hurry, come here! I need some help!" He got out of his car, jumped over the fence, and ran over to help the farmer pull the calf. He never said a word during the ordeal. He just did what he was told. Well, about ten minutes later they were walking up to the barn to get washed up, and the farmer said, "I want to thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it." The city slicker said, "Thatís fine, no problem, no problem." The farmer said, "Youíve been awfully quiet. Are you Okay?" The city slicker says, "Oh yeah, Iím Okay." The farmer said, "Have you ever seen anything like that before?" The city slicker said, "No sir, Iíve never seen anything like that in my entire life." The farmer said, "Well, do you have any questions?" The city slicker said, "Yes sir, I do. Itís been bothering me the whole time that we were out there pulling that calf." The farmer said, "Well, whatís your question.?" The city slicker said, "How fast do you figure that calf was going when it ran into that cow?" The farmer said, "No, no, no, you are looking at it all wrong. We were not separating a wreck."

Sometimes people look at things and come to the wrong conclusion of how they got there. This is what causes them to scoff at the Bible. We were warned in II Peter 3:3-5a, "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of..." Willingly ignorant? Now, I can understand being ignorant because I was born 100 percent ignorant. My mother can vouch for that, but to be willingly ignorant is a different story. Thatís like wanting to be stupid. I believe the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of the living God. The scoffers scoff at the Bible because they are ignorant of two important things. They are ignorant of the original creation, how God made the heavens, and the flood. Look at those verses. The Bible states in verses 5 and 6, "For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished." Thatís the flood. Scoffers are ignorant of the flood. Actually, they are also ignorant of the judgment of God that is to come. This is described in verses 9 and 10. It states, "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." Here you have the creation, the flood, and the judgment. The judgment is what they are trying to avoid because the flood speaks of judgment. God has the right to judge this world.

One of the first scoffers in the past couple of hundred years was a guy named James Hutton. James Hutton was one of the first men to really propose that the earth was more than six or seven thousand years old. Up until his time, everyone believed that the world was only six or seven thousand years old just as the Bible says. Along came Hutton, an amateur geologist, and he said, "You know, I think the world is millions of years old." A man name Charles Lyell read and was greatly influenced by Huttonís book. Charles Lyell, a lawyer from Scotland, was also an amateur geologist. He did not like the Bible. He didnít like the absolute authority of Scripture. Somebody recently calculated that if all the lawyers in the world were laid end-to-end around the equator the world would be a better place. Charles Lyell didnít like the Bible, and in 1830 he wrote a book, Principles of Geology. In that book, he invented what is known today as the geologic column. The geologic column has different layers known as the Cenozoid, Mesozoid, Paleozoid, and the Archeozoid. Maybe you remember having to study about the geologic column in science class. There is also the Jurassic layer, the Triassic, Permian, Mississipian, the Devonian, among others. I taught earth science for many years, and you might want to know a few interesting facts about the geologic column.

First of all, the geologic column can only be found in one place in the world. The only place that you can actually find the geologic column is in the textbooks. It doesnít exist anywhere else. Now, itís true that the earth has many layers, but the geologic column can only be found in textbooks and in the imagination of those people who believe in it. Another thing that you might want to know about the geologic column is that the geologic column is the Bible to the evolutionist. Everything must be interpreted in light of the geologic column. For example, the Jurassic layer contains dinosaur bones. Therefore, if you find a dinosaur bone, itís automatically classified as Jurassic layer, and each of those layers has an index fossil, like dinosaurs for Jurassic, and trilobites for Cambrian. Each layer has an age assigned to it. They will say that one is 500 million years old, another is 200 million years old, and so on. It is true that the earth has many layers. Iíve been to the Grand Canyon, Royal Gorge, Snake River Valley, and all of the major canyons out west. Iíve studied the major fault lines. I lived right next to the San Andreas fault, the Hayward fault, and the New Madrid fault. Iíve studied most of the major faults in America, and none of them are my fault, but Iíve studied them. There is no question that there are layers in the earth.

How did they get there? Was each of those layers put down over millions and billions of years as we are taught in school, or could it be that all of those layers were deposited very rapidly in a one-year long flood with Noah and his family being saved in a boat? In early 1990, I took my family with me to Union Center, South Dakota where I had a preaching engagement. Union Center is a town of forty people. You canít get there from here because the town is too small. You have to start there and work your way back. It was not quite the end of the world, but we could see it from there. We were awfully close. The church had thirty-eight members. It was a very successful church. Out of a town of forty thatís not bad. The preacher said, "Hey brother Hovind, letís go down to Rapid City, South Dakota, and we can tour the museum there, the School of Mines. They have a lot of dinosaur bones there." I said, "Great! I like dinosaur bones." So, all of us loaded up in a van and went down to Rapid City. As we were walking around the museum, one of the guides said, "Let me give you a tour." So, this guide was giving us a tour, and we stopped next to the geologic time scale. The guide said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this layer of dirt is about 70 million years old." My twelve-year old daughter said, "Mister, how do you know how old that layer is?" He said, "Well honey, we tell the age of the layers by what type of fossils we find in them. This layer contains dinosaur bones, so it must be about 70 million years old." She said, "Okay, thank you sir." We walked around to the other side of the zeuglodon display, and the guide said, "Now, ladies and gentlemen, these bones that you are looking at are about 100 million years old." My daughter raised her hand again. She said, "Sir, how do you tell how old the bones are?" He said, "Well, the age of the bones is determined by which layer they are found in." She said, "Sir, when we were standing on the other side, you told us that you know the age of the layer by the bones found in them, and now you are telling me that you know the age of the bones by the layer in which they are found. Isnít that circular reasoning?" I thought, "Ah, a chip off the old block." That guide had the strangest look on his face. It was almost as if he were thinking. He looked at my daughter, and then he looked over at me. I wasnít about to help him, and I thought, "This is going to be good. I have to hear what he says to this one." He looked back at my daughter and he said, "You know, you are right! Iíve never thought of that before. That is circular reasoning!"

You know, they date the fossils by the layers, and then they turn right around and date the layers by the fossils. Thatís what they do in the textbooks. One typical textbook example states, "Fossils . . . sedimentary rocks are laid down in horizontal layers. The fossils in these layers increase in age from top to bottom." Oh, if itís in the bottom, it must be early fossils, so they are dating the fossils by which layers they are found in, or their geologic position. Just four pages later in the same book it states, "Trilobite fossils make good index fossils. If a trilobite, such as this one, is found in a rock layer, the rock layer was probably formed 500 to 600 million years ago." Now, wait a minute! Do you think that trilobites lived 500 million years ago? Here they are dating the layer by the fossils, and the fossils by the layer. This is circular reasoning. They could have picked any number that they wanted. No, trilobites did not live 500 million years ago.

Pictured in figure 4-3 is a fossil of a shoe print where a man stepped on two trilobites. The guy had a shoe on, a heel and everything. Many geologists refuse to look at the fossil. They say, "It canít be true! We donít want to see it!" Those that look at it say that there are two possible ways to explain it. Well, let us hear it. If trilobites lived 500 million years ago, and man only got hear 3 million years ago, how could there be a shoe print on top of two trilobites? They said, "It could be that aliens visited the planet 500 million years ago." Oh yeah, aliens! Thatíll do it every time. Then they say, "Or, it might be that maybe there was a larger trilobite shaped like a shoe that fell on two smaller ones." There were some big trilobites, but they were not shaped like a shoe. I believe the best explanation of a fossilized shoe print on top of two trilobites is found in II Peter chapter 3: "The scoffers are willingly ignorant!" You would have to have help to be that dumb. There is no way that you could do that on your own. You would have to go to college for years to be so misinformed to think, "Oh yeah, itís billions of years old." That simply is not true! Neither are those layers different ages.

All over the world they find strange fossils called polystrata fossils, like the petrified tree shown in figure 4-4. This petrified tree is standing straight up running through many layers of strata. Now, hold on just a minute! If that bottom layer is 600 million years old and the top layer is only 5 million years old, there are only two choices: either that tree stood there 500 million years and didnít rot, or that tree grew through seventy-five feet of solid rock looking for sunlight. Which do you prefer? I donít believe that those layers were formed independently; I think that that they were all formed during a one-year flood. You can get a jar of dirt , put water in it, and shake it up. It will automatically settle out into layers for you. Itís called hydrologic sorting. All of the layers were formed during Noahís flood. The flood lasted for a year. Polystrata fossil trees standing straight up are a common feature. They are found all over the world. Figure 4-5 shows a group of tree trunks located in France that are straight up running through multiple layers of rock strata. They simply are not millions of years old.

Charles Darwin located a copy of Charles Lyellís book. Donít get these two confused. Charles Lyell invented the geologic column. Charles Darwin graduated from Bible college to be a preacher. A short time after that, he set sail on the H.M.S. Beagle to travel around the world and collect bugs and birds for five years as an unpaid naturalist. He didnít make any money at it; they just fed him for five years. As he walked on board the Beagle, he had two books with him among many other things. He had his Bible, of course because he had just got out of Bible college. He also had the book that Charles Lyell had just written about the geologic column, Principles of Geology. As Darwin read the book about the principles of geology, his faith in Scripture was destroyed. Darwin came back a doubter, a septic, a scoffer. Later on, he claimed to be an atheist; then, after he died, his wife started a rumor that he repented on his death bed. That rumor still circulates today. People pass out tracts today that claim Charles Darwin repented on his death bed.

Darwin was greatly influenced by Charles Lyell. Lyell kept pushing Darwin to publish a book. Finally about thirty years later, Darwin published his book, which is discussed later. As Darwin sailed around, he arrived at the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in South America. When he got to the Galapagos, he made notes of many different varieties of finches on the island, based upon their beak shape. Some had a heavy beak, and some had a skinny beak. Darwin counted eighteen different kinds or varieties of finches. Charles Darwin said, "You know, Iíll bet all of these finches have a common ancestor." Well, thatís brilliant Charlie! I bet they do too, and I bet the ancestor was a finch of some kind. Charlie then said, "You know, if these finches all have a common ancestor, then maybe these finches have the same common ancestor as does the pine tree." Wait, wait, wait! Iíll agree with all the finches having a common ancestor, but the finches having the same ancestor as the pine tree? No, I donít think that I will buy that.

That is the difference between what we call simple variation, and what other people call macro evolution. Some refer to the term simple variation as micro evolution; I prefer the term simple variation. Itís true that all of the finches probably had a common ancestor, and it was a finch. The Bible does not say that they shall bring forth after their species. The Bible says that they shall bring forth after their kind. If you stand ten feet back from it and look at it, it is still the same kind of animal. Therefore, the creationists say that the variations have taken place since the flood.

I was visiting the University of Boston a few years ago. They had six professors who wanted me to teach on creationism. They were going to show these students that, "There is nothing to this creationism stuff. Evolution is the only way to interpret life on planet earth." They asked me if I would come under those conditions, and I readily agreed. As I was talking to this group about creationism, I said, "Six-thousand years ago God created everything, and 4,400 years ago there was a flood. Two of each kind and seven of some were saved on board an ark. After the flood, they diversified. They had babies, grandbabies, great-grandbabies and so on which became a little bit different; however, they stayed within the same kind of animal." One of the professors in the audience was kind of a smart-aleck and was going to show off in front of his class. He said, "Mr. Hovind, do you mean to tell me that all 250 different kind of dogs in the world, came from just two dogs off Noahís ark?" I said, "Sir, would you look at what you are teaching your class! You are teaching your students that all the different kinds of dogs in the world came from a rock! Yeah, I would rather believe that they came from two dogs off Noahís ark." Donít tell me that they came from a rock. I wonít buy that at all. There have been variations. There have been many different kinds of finches.

There are many different kinds of corn. I come from Illinois corn country. There are so many different kinds of corn that they have to number them. Maybe you have seen the numbers as you drive down the highway, XL4-109; you know, donít mix that one with XL4-102 because something might explode. No, no. You can crossbreed your corn for the next four-billion years, and all that you will get is a corn of some kind. You are never going to get a hamster, or a tomato, or a whale to grow on that corn stalk. Itís just not going to happen.

There are many varieties of cows. It might be that the buffalo, the water buffalo, and the bison all have a common ancestor. I would not argue that, but they are still the cow kind. Itís obvious that they are not turtles. There are even variations and mutations. You could scramble up the chromosomes and get something strange once in a while. For example, take the word Christmas. By rearranging the letters you can develop thousands of words. From the word Christmas you can get the word has, mat, Sam, Christ, and mist. There are numerous words that you can form, but you are never going to get, Xerox, or queen. The letters are not there. Rearranging the known information in the chromosomes is not going to produce anything new. Scrambling up English letters of the alphabet will produce all kinds of words, but you are never going to get Chinese words. You are not going to get anything new, and that is what evolutionists donít understand. Mutations only rearrange the material that is already there. Yes, mutations happen. Pictured in figure 4-6 is a cow with a leg growing out of its back. Something went wrong. Itís a five-legged cow. It cannot run any faster. Itís a mutation; itís harmful. Mutations are harmful, fatal, or neutral, or they are blended back into the population. Figure 4-7 shows a short-legged sheep. The textbook states: "This mutation would not last in nature." Well, of course not! Heís the first one the wolf is going to catch. "GO BOYS GO! HERE COMES THE WOLF! Oops, Herman didnít make it! " Mutations are harmful or fatal. Figure 4-8 shows a picture of a two-headed turtle. That is a mutation. Something went wrong. A two-headed turtle? Heís not going to live long. Heís going to freeze the first winter! Nobody makes a double-necked, turtle-neck sweater. Mutations are harmful or fatal. However, in the textbooks they state: "Boys and girls, weíve got all these evidences of evolution."

I taught biology, earth science, and physical science for fifteen years in high school, and these are some of the things that they give as evidences of evolution. The title page shown in figure 4-9 is the contents of the biology book, DC East, 1971. It states, "Evidence from Fossils. Evidence from Structure." Oh, the way that they are designed. Their structures are similar. "Evidence from Molecular Biology." Oh, that will impress the students. "Evidence from Development" (as the babies develop inside the mother). These are the evidences they give, and our children are going to face this logic. You need to always be ready to give an answer to every man that asketh the reason of the hope that is in you. You ought to be able to answer each of these things as they come up in your class. For instance, when I was in biology class in high school, we did the fruit fly experiment. We raised the fruit fly. Bigger laboratories raised zillions of these flies, and they did all sorts of things to these flies to cause them to have mutated babies. They nuked them, x-rayed them, microwaved them. You name it; they did it to those flies and produced all kinds of mutated babies. They got flies with curled wings. Those are the flies that fly in circles! They produced flies with red eyes, white eyes, brown eyes, and hairy antennas. They produced all kinds of mutated flies. They even produced flies without any wings. What do you call that, a crawl? He canít fly! After raising eighty-thousand generations of flies, somebody wrote a report and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, weíve raised eighty-thousand generations of flies. We have seen millions of mutations, but we have never seen a beneficial mutation." One of the flies was just as good as great great great great grandpa fly. He continued to say in the report, "Therefore, we must conclude that flies have evolved as far as they can go." Ah, excuse me sir! There might be another way to look at that, you know! How fast was that calf going anyway? It might be that the reason you cannot improve upon them is that God made them right in the beginning. Maybe that is why all of your mutations are harmful or fatal, but they donít want to reach that conclusion at all.

They also teach in school that the peppered moth is proof of evolution. The peppered moth? Maybe you will remember being taught that the moth changed colors from white to black, and then from black to white. This is listed in the textbooks as the best example of evolution. Somebody went around and counted the moths on the trees in England. They had nothing better to do. They found out that there was this one species of moths called the peppered moth and that approximately 95 percent of them were white, and about 5 percent of them were black. Because the trees were white with a lot of moss and lichen, the white moths blended in very well. Then when England began to burn a lot of coal during the industrial revolution, the trees turned black due to the soot. As the guy went around counting the moths again, he discovered that 95 percent of the moths are now black because the trees were black. The evolutionist said, "Ah, donít you see? This proves evolution. The white moth evolved into a black moth." No, no, no! Do you know what happened? When the tree turned black, the white moth became more visible, and was eaten by birds. The black moth had more babies. The white moth lost its camouflage. When they quit burning coal, the trees turned white again and guess what? Today, the population has shifted back to 95 percent white moths and 5 percent black moths. Thatís not evolution. They started off as a peppered moth and they ended up as a peppered moth. Nothing changed at all except the ratio of the population. If thatís the best example of evolution, they donít have any example at all. Actually, I think because there are two varieties of the same species, dark and light, that this provides good evidence of an intelligent creator.

Do you know that General Motors puts a heater and an air conditioner in some of their cars? Is that dumb? No, thatís advanced planning. Some of the cars go to cold climates, and some go to hot climates. The creator gave the peppered moth the ability to produce a variety of offspring so that some will survive in any given environment. Thatís pretty good thinking! No, the peppered moth is not an example of evolution. Some schools have activities for the children, such as: "Boys and girls, get a large sheet of black paper and put it on the floor. Cut 200 white circles and 200 black circles, and then throw them on the floor. The object is to see who can pick up the most circles in one minute." Well, because of the black paper, they would pick up mostly white circles. They say, "See, this proves evolution." Excuse me! That proves evolution? Thatís the peppered moth experiment. What you are doing is making more work for the janitor to pick up the ones that you donít pick up, and you are wasting classroom time. They ought to be learning real science while they are there and forget all of this stupidity about evolution. It has nothing to do with science. Itís a waist of time and a waist of textbook space.

Evolutionists will say: "Boys and girls, dinosaurs slowly turned into birds." Dinosaurs turned into birds? "Oh yes! No problem. You get your dinosaur, take off a few pounds, grow a few feathers, and take off and fly, man! You can do it. Flap faster! No, no, no! Hold on a second! There are a few differences between a dinosaur and a bird. By the way, in the movie Jurassic Park, the whole plot was dinosaurs turning into birds. At the end, the guy is in the helicopter going home when he sees the pelican, and heís thinking, "Ah, dinosaurs turned into pelicans." Yeah, right! There are a few differences between a reptile and a bird. Reptiles are covered with scales, and birds are covered with feathers. Evolutionists may say, "Yeah, but they are both made out of carotene." So! They come from different genes on the chromosome, and the reptile scale is very different from a feather. Take a look at one sometime. They say: "If you read a book on archaeopteryx, it will provide proof of dinosaurs turning into birds. We have the fossil of an archaeopteryx." Well, hold on a minute! Reptiles have a three-chambered heart, and birds have a four-chambered heart. Their reproductive system, body coverings and lungs are very different. Reptiles have a sack-type lung, and they breathe in and out. Birds have a tubular-type lung, and they breathe through their lungs, not in and out of their lungs. How are the critters going to survive that transition?

Evolutionists would say, "Some of the dinosaurs had hollow bones." Okay, maybe so, for structural reasons, but not so they could fly. The bones were lighter and stronger. They say: "We have proof. We have an archaeopteryx." You have what? They say: "Archaeopteryx! Itís called ancient wing." Oh yeah! Did you know that archaeopteryxes are very famous fossils? Only six of them have been found (figure 4-12). All of them come from the same place in Germany. There is also a very strong indication that all six of them are deliberate frauds. It is possible that they are super-imposed fossils. Letís just assume that archaeopteryx is legitimate. What is a archaeopteryx? Itís a bird about twelve inches long or about the size of a pigeon. Evolutionists say: "We can prove that dinosaurs turned to birds because of the archaeopteryx." Well, whatís the proof? "Donít you see, he has claws on his wings right there by his elbows." It is true that most birds do not have claws, but some do. An ostrich has claws; the hoatzin has claws; and the South American archaeopteryx has claws. Going from having claws to not having claws is an example of loosing something and not gaining something. Is that how evolution works. You lose a whole bunch of stuff and then finally you have it all? I donít get it teacher. They say: " An Archaeopteryx has teeth in his beak." Well, that is true. It is rare but some birds do have teeth. Some reptiles have teeth and some donít. Some mammals have teeth and some donít. Some of you have teeth and some donít. That doesnít prove a thing. Going from having teeth to not having teeth is an example of losing something not gaining something. I remember when I went to school, they taught me that at one time man had a tail, but we lost it because it wasnít needed. I thought, "Didnít need it!" Have you ever stepped up to the door with two sacks of groceries and wished that you had some way to open that door? Now, if you had a tail you could reach around and grab that door knob, open the door and walk right into the house. Have you ever been driving down the road and wished you had something to turn the radio down because you were holding a can of Coke? If we had tails, it would be a little harder to get on our britches. A zipper or something would have to be added but somebody would figure that out. Lost it because we didnít need it! Come on, they had better get with the program! No, man never had a tail. This business of the missing link is just plain crazy.

Feathers are very complex. They did not evolve from scales. They come from different genes on the chromosomes. They are very different in the way that they are anchored into the skin. Actually, missing links have never been found. Zero, none! No missing links have been found because the whole chain is missing. God made them to bring forth after their kind, and they have been doing it every since. I understand that there are varieties, but they are still the same kind. Thatís exactly what God said. Because they cannot find a missing link, many evolutionists have gone to a new theory. The new theory is called punctuated equilibrium. Oh, what does that mean? Stephen Gould of Harvard University, along with Niles Eldridge at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, is a big promoter of punctuated equilibrium. I went to hear Niles speak at the University of West Florida on this subject. What is punctuated equilibrium? The evolutionists are saying: "Maybe a reptile laid an egg and a bird hatched out, and that is why we cannot find any transitional fossils." Evolution happened in jumps. First the amphibian jumped to reptiles, then reptiles jumped to mammal. Awe, what you are saying is because proof for evolution cannot be found, that proves it. Try that one in a court of law. Judge, we canít find any evidence against this guy, so that proves he is guilty. Where is the logic in that? No, punctuated equilibrium is an admission that there is no evidence. Thatís crazy! Come on! Get with the program! That is not evidence at all.

The textbooks state that one of the evidences is homology structures. Homology structures, what does that mean? That means that different types of animals have the same body pattern to perform different things. For instance, the human has two bones in their wrist, the radius and the ulna. I have two of those myself which I have broken several times. "Well, donít you know that the dolphin has two bones in his flipper? Guess what boys and girls? They are called the radius and the ulna." Oh, who named them, the dolphin? The bat has two bones in his leg, and they are called the radius and the ulna. Now, because they have all these similarities, this proves that they have a common ancestor? No, no, teacher! That might prove that they have a common designer. The same God designed them all, and itís a pretty good pattern to have two bones in the wrist. Now, there might be two ways to look at that. How fast was that calf going anyway? I think that our public schools are teaching our children just one way to look at this, and they are not giving them another option. I believe God designed the animals. Did you know that the lugnuts from a Chevy will screw on to a Pontiac? That proves that they both evolved from a Honda 40 million years ago. No, they have this all confused.

The textbooks also state that one of the evidences for evolution is embryology. Embryology, what does that mean teacher? Well, boys and girls, we can watch different animals as they evolve, as they grow inside the mother. You will notice some similarities. For instance; they show in the textbooks that the human baby has gill slits. Do you remember being taught that when you went to school? A human baby has gill slits? Come on! That was proven to be wrong back in 1908, but it is still in the textbooks today. I collect public school textbooks. I have lots of them. The human baby does not have gill slits. That, simply, is bad science. The reason that they keep that stupid idea about the human baby having gill slits is thatís the only way that they can say that the baby is not human yet. Itís still in the fish stage or amphibian stage. No, those are not gill slits. Those are folds of skin. Each one develops into a different part of the muscles in the neck. They have nothing to do with breathing. Those are not gill slits. Iíve seen fat folks that have five or six chins, and they canít breathe through any of them, except the top one. No, the baby does not breathe through them. They never function in any capacity similar to gill slits.

What they are trying to justify is abortion, and abortion is murder, plain and simple. I know because I reside in Pensacola, Florida where we have had several abortion clinics burned down, and two doctors shot. I didnít burn any of the buildings or shoot any of the doctors. By the way, I donít think Jesus would have done it that way either. Jesus grew up under Roman rule, and he didnít go around blowing up Roman tanks and burning down bridges. He was fighting a different war on a spiritual level. I think that is the way that it should be handled. However, abortion is murder, plain and simple. They justify this murder because they say that the human baby has gill slits, and it is not human yet. No, it is human the instant it is conceived, and exterminating the life after conception is murder. The logic that they use is incredible.

I was flying back to Pensacola from Fort Lauderdale the day they had the big memorial rally for Dr. Gunn, one of the doctors that was shot. I happened to sit in the first seat of coach class because I like the first seat where there is more leg room to accommodate my long legs. I am so tall that when I stand up my feet go all the way to the floor, so they give me the first seat when it is available. Seated in front of me, in the first-class section, were two ladies -- Iím sorry, two women from NOW, National Organization for Wild Women. As we were getting off the plane, I noticed that written on their shirts were the words: "CHOICE ABOVE ALL!" So, being my mild-mannered self, I said, "Excuse me ladies, ugh, sorry, women. What does CHOICE ABOVE ALL mean?" One of the women said, "We believe that a woman ought to have a right to choose." I said, "Choose what?" She said, "Choose whether she wants to have an abortion or not." I said, "Ah, maíam, I have three children; I even delivered one of them at home. I taught biology and anatomy and at one time, I even raised hamsters. Iím a little familiar with this process. Tell me, why does a womanís right to choose stop at birth? Why donít we give the mothers the right to choose to kill their babies after they are born? It would be a whole lot safer. Why donít we extend the abortion right up until the time the child is two years old?" I know a lot of mothers with three year olds that have thought about it a time or two. I went on to say, "Hey, I have an idea! Letís extend abortion rights up to the time the child is eighteen years old." Iíll bet they would behave a lot better. "Look kid, one more time, and Iím going to abort you!" Where is the logic?

Later, I was standing on the curb waiting on a taxi cab, and I began talking to one of the newspaper reporters. He had brought his camera to film the big rally for the doctor. We began to talk about this doctor that was murdered in Pensacola, and I said, "I think there are two things wrong with what happened." He said, "Really, what do you think is wrong?" I said, "There should have been a trial first. Nobody should be shot without a fair trial. Secondly, the state of Florida should have shot him, not Griffeth. The state should be the one to execute evildoers not individual citizens." Donít go around shooting abortion doctors. Pray that we can change the system, and then work to change the system. Dr. Gunn was a murderer, plain and simple, and so was Griffeth!"

The reasons they give for abortion are classic. Just look at the logic behind this.. They say, "Itís not human yet." That is based on bad science. Eighty-seven years ago that was proven wrong. That is not a good argument. Try again! They will say, "It is not viable; it canít live on its own." Well, neither are you, stark naked on the North Pole! I wish someone would explain to me what viable means. Is the baby viable after itís born? Lay it on the sidewalk for a few months and letís see how it does. Thatís a stupid argument! Here is another one, "It might be unwanted." There are a lot of children already born that are unwanted. There have been a few times when I didnít want mine, but does that give a parent the right to kill them? Try this one, "It might be a financial burden." Show me a child that is not a financial burden. They are all financial burdens. Hereís one, "It might have been conceived through rape or incest." Well then, kill the rapist, not the baby! How have we become so crazy in this country? Here is one, "Abortion is legal." Thatís the one I hear all of the time. So, if itís legal that makes it right? Did you know that in 1939 the German Supreme Court passed a ruling that said, "Jews are non-human?" They believed that the Jews were non-human. Did you know that what Hitlerís guards did was perfectly legal? It was legal to execute the Jews because they werenít human. Now, let me ask you a question. Did that logic hold up at the Nuremberg trials? No! Guess what, you abortionists? Your logic is not going to hold up at Godís trial either. You are going to be in big trouble one of these days. Now, God is willing to forgive you. He loves you. He would like for you to become saved and go to heaven.

The woman that started Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, (figure 4-15), is a strong believer in abortion. Most folks donít realize that she was also a racist. She wanted to wipe out the Spanish, the Blacks, and the Jews. She hated them. That was the total purpose for Planned Parenthood, and any taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood ought to be against the law. If they want to make it on their own, that is their business, but I donít want to help pay for it.

One of the evidences that they will state in the textbooks as proof of evolution (besides embryology, and homology structures, and all of those things that we just covered) is: "Boys and girls, we come from simple life forms." Hold it! Simple life forms? There is no such thing as a simple life form. One paramecium is more complex than the space shuttle, and you can fit thousands of those into a drop of water. No, the simplest life forms are extremely complex. Years ago adding machines were as large as a piano. These were the early adding machines. Today, they make microchips that will fit inside the eye of a needle (figure 4-16). Iím sorry! Smaller does not mean simpler. That is not a good argument. The DNA found in you body is also extremely complex. Because it is smaller does not mean it is simpler. Every person has about 50 trillion cells. Each cell contains 46 chromosomes. Each chromosome is about six feet long. If you extracted all of the DNA out of one person it would fill two tablespoons. Yet, if you unwound them, and tied them end to end, it would stretch from here to the moon and back 5,000 times. From here to the moon and back 5,000 times, and it fits into two tablespoons? In addition, if you typed out the genetic code found in the DNA in one person, it would fill up enough books to fill the Grand Canyon forty times. Maybe you work with computers in your line of work. Imagine this, take those forty Grand Canyons full of books, and condense them into software, and when you are done the software must fit into two tablespoons. Ah, God did it, and it reproduces itself! Do you know what the odds are of that happening by random chance? The odds are 1 x 10119,000. That is a big number, since there are only 1041 electrons in the known universe. If you are one of those people that believes that evolution happened by blind chance, I would like for you to travel to Los Vegas. I could make some money off you. You would sit there and bet, "Man, if I keep flipping this quarter long enough, it will come down as a penny." You will get a bunch of heads and tails, but you will never get a penny. Neither will you get DNA to arrive by random chance. It just did not happen.

Another argument that the evolutionists give that I just love is: "Boys and girls, we can prove evolution because we can arrange these animals in order and prove their common ancestors." Wait, wait, wait! Just because they can be arranged in some predetermined order does not prove that is the way that it happened. If I die, and I am buried on top of a hamster, does that prove thatís my grandpa? No. They rearrange them in order and say that it proves something. It doesnít prove anything. Take, for instance, the horse theory. They have taken critters from all over the world, South America, Europe, and Asia, and put them all together in a predetermined idea. They have already decided to start off with the smallest to the largest animals. That is not the way they are found. They find them in all kinds of different layers, but they have it in the textbooks that the eohippus slowly changes to the equus, the modern horse. Thatís bologna! Modern horses have been found in layers lower than eohippus. The eohippus is nothing more than the hyrax running around South America today. They are still alive. No, the horse did not evolve. God created the horses. Thatís the way he made them. Arranging them in order does not prove anything other than the fact they can pick an arranged order.

If arranging things in order proves something; then, I need to show you the research that I have been doing. You see; I am a research scientist. Most people donít realize that right here in Pensacola, Florida we have a research scientist. I have been doing extensive research on the evolution of silverware (figure 4-17). I believe that knives gradually evolved into spoons and then into forks. It took around four and one-half million years for this process to be complete. As the great geological pressures were exerted on the knife, it was slowly squeezed into a spoon. Erosion then cut grooves in the end and turned it into a fork. Now, I was very concerned about my research because I felt as if there was a missing link. I knew that there was at least one missing link, particularly between the spoon and the fork. You see, spoons are rounded and they have no grooves. Forks are square and they have grooves, thatís two jumps in one. Even punctuated equilibrium couldnít do that, so, I thought, "There must be a missing link." I was very worried about it, thinking, "Where can I find the missing link? Man, I have to find this missing link!" I was doing research all over the country. As I was going to Connecticut to speak one time, I was flying aboard US Air at about 30,000 feet, and I was thinking, "Man, where is the missing link? I have to find it!" About that time, the stewardess came by, and handed it to me. I couldnít believe it! Talking about a stroke of luck! She had the missing link! Thatís why I couldnít find it. I stuck it in my pocket and said, "Wow, I got it!" When I got off the plane, the preacher met me. He asked, "Are you hungry?" I said, "Yeah, Iím hungry." He said, "Where would you like to eat?" I said, "Brother, Iíll eat anything that doesnít move, and some things that move if they donít move quick enough." I then said, "How about right there at Kentucky Fried Chicken?" Guess what? We went into Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I found another missing link. I have now found three of the missing links, the sporks (figure 4-18). So, the evolutionist silverware is becoming very complete now. I even found a few mutations along the way (figure 4-19). No, arranging them in order is not proof of anything at all.

I was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Rush Limbaughís home town, at the South East Missouri University for a debate. These professors said, "Hey, weíll have a debate with Dr. Hovind provided there can be two of us against him." I said, "Oh, okay." I do a lot of debates. I win every time I believe, and itís not because Iím smarter but it is because Iím right and they are wrong. Itís real easy to win a debate. These university professors' entire argument was this: "Boys and girls, we can prove evolution because of amino acid sequencing inside cytochrome C." They spent the entire hour boring the audience to death about amino acid sequencing. What they do is check the proteins in different kinds of animals, and then count the way the amino acids are arranged. It is like checking the letters in a word. For example, they would have an "H" first then an "A" second and an "N" third and a "D" last. Then they look at the proteins from the next animal to the calculate percentage of difference. Then they arrange them in charts. Did you know that you can look at the chart and the only difference between a man and a duck is 11 percent in the amino acid sequencing. We only missed being a duck by 11 percent. Thatís close man! We only missed being a rattlesnake by 14 percent. I know some people a lot closer than that. Now, hold on just a minute! If arranging amino acids in a sequence is supposed to prove something then let me show you the research that I have been doing. Iím a research scientist you know. Iíve been doing extensive research on arranging different items in nature based upon their water content. I discovered that clouds are 100 percent water, and watermelons are 97 percent water. Thatís only a 3 percent difference. Thatís pretty close. I even found a few missing links. I found out that jellyfish are 98 percent water, and so are snowcones. Well, Iím not sure if watermelons turned into snowcones or jellyfish. One or the other had to evolve because they are awfully close, with only 1 percent difference. Then they turned into clouds; I think. Iím not sure. I need a government grant, about 40 million dollars to continue research on this vital subject. I would probably get it if I applied for it, wouldnít I? The fact that there are similarities only proves there is a common designer. Thatís all that it proves. It doesnít prove a common ancestry. Come on!

Let me show you more research that I have been doing. I just love research on evolution. Iíve been doing it for years free of charge to the government. Iíve been studying the number of chromosomes in different living organisms and arranging them in this chart (figure 4-21). Did you know Penicillin only has two chromosomes? Chromosomes are very complex. As the animals became more complex they add additional chromosomes. That would be logical. So, I believe that penicillin slowly turned into a fruit fly because it has eight chromosomes. Then over millions of years the fruit fly turned into a tomato because the tomato has twelve chromosomes. As they grew and became more complex and evolved over millions of years, they turned into, I canít tell which they are, carrots or lettuce, because they both have eight chromosomes. So, they must be identical twins. As they gradually evolved further and further, they turned into either kidney beans, redwood trees, or opossum. They all have the same number of chromosomes. I tell you what! If you get those three on a table together, itís tough for a scientist to tell which is which. Let me see, which is the redwood tree and which is the opossum? All three of them have the same number of chromosomes. Then, over millions of more years they slowly evolved into either an alligator or an onion. I canít tell which because they both have the same number of chromosomes, and alligators and onions are awfully difficult to distinguish. Millions of years later, they kept evolving and finally turned into a human with forty-six chromosomes. If we keep working on it, someday we might get those extra two chromosomes that we need and become a tobacco plant. I know some that already smell like it. Theyíre getting close. If we keep working on it and keep evolving, we might evolve into a Carp. Carp have one-hundred chromosomes. You didnít know that a Carp is twice as complex as you, did you? The ultimate goal of all evolutionists someday, if we live long enough, is to evolve into the ultimate, four-hundred and eighty chromosomes, a fern. How many of you have as your lifeís dream to become a fern someday? We might make it someday. Why donít they teach that to the youths in school? Those are the facts. Boy, they avoid that like the plague!

It doesnít support their religion. Evolution is a religion. It is not a science. They are going to say, "Boys and girls, we have all of these similarities between these different animals. For instance, monkeys and humans are very similar." Yes, but there are also a lot of differences. The brain structure is totally different. The jaw structure is different. The neck is very different. The hand structure is different. The foot is very different. The fact that there are similarities does not prove that they evolved from the same ancestor. Again, it might prove that they have the same designer.

As you look at all the different cars that have been made, you will note many similarities. Most of them have a wall-to-wall floor board. That doesnít prove anything, other than it is a design that works, thatís all. The argument for common ancestry amazes me. Charles Darwin said the thing that confused him the most was the human eyeball. Did you know the human eye is extremely complex? Darwin even said in his book, "To suppose that the eye...could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree." Well, Charlie, I believe that you are right. I donít believe that the eye could have possibly evolved by chance. What good is a 5 percent eyeball? If it doesnít work, it doesnít work. So many things that are very complex have to be completely there or they are useless. How many things have to be right on a car for it to run? Thousands of things, right? How many things have to be wrong on the car to make it not run? Any one of thousands, like not having your keys, or not having any gas, or not having any oil or letting your wife drive it first. A lot of things will cause your car not to run. Three-thousand bolts holds a car together and one nut can scatter it all over the road in a hurry. Look, the idea is crazy. Parts of a car are useless. The car is not useful until it is all together and it all works. If I gave you one tire, a running board, a frame, a steering wheel, and a windshield wiper, and said, "Okay, take off. Head for Dallas." Youíre not going to make it. Itís just too complex. Iím sorry you had better start over.

They could say, "We understand the complexity of the human body. Therefore, that proves it happened by chance." Would you look at that logic! Understanding the complexity of a machine does not mean it could happen by chance. Iíve worked on cars a lot, and the more I fix cars the more I think, "Wow! The guy who designed this is pretty smart." Fix any thing. Take a computer apart. The guy that figured that out is pretty smart. The complexity says that there must have been a designer, but people choose to disobey God, and go away from Him anyway.

In spite of the obstacles, Charles Darwin wrote a book after much pushing and coaching from Charles Lyell. Children when you go to school, they will only tell you about the first four words in the book. They call it, The Origin of Species. When they do that, raise your hand immediately and say, "Excuse me teacher, what is the rest of the title, please? I would like to hear the whole title of the book." Back in those days, they had long titles on their books. Here is the whole title of the book, The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection Or The Preservation Of Favored Races In The Struggle For Life. Favored races? Ugh, Oh! Charlie, thatís not politically correct. You see, Charles Darwinís book came out in 1859. We still had slavery in this country. The Civil War didnít start until 1861. Racism was the driving factor that made the theory of evolution so popular in the 1800ís. It was a great pseudo scientific way to justify racism. The European countries loved it because they were going to be colonizing the third-world countries. They were taking over these African countries and making them work all day for a penny a day. Then they were getting their diamonds, gold, silver, and rubies. It was racism! Charles Darwin was a racist to the extreme.

Darwin thought that natives were just advanced animals that hadnít evolved as far as the white European. His philosophy of life was destroyed by the stupid theory of evolution. The Bible warned us in Colossians 2:8, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." A philosophy of life that says, "There is no God. We got here by blind chance. There is no one that you must account to when you die." This theory will destroy you. Thatís what destroyed Charles Darwin, his own theory of evolution. It was his own undoing. Darwin thought that women were inferior. He said, "A married man would be a poor slave, worse than a Negro." Darwin was a racist. Now, Iím not saying that all evolutionists are racists. Iím just saying the reason that evolution became popular in the 1800ís was due to the rampant racism in this country and around the world. Mayor Kore Wills and Amalie Dietrich (figure 4-23) were involved in gathering missing links for museums. What happened in the name of evolution in the 1800ís would shock you. The results that have come from that philosophy are just unbelievable.

The Fruit of Evolution

What effect has evolution had? If you teach a child that he is an animal, what can you expect? There is a great magazine that you ought to subscribe to called Creation Magazine, published in Australia. One of the articles, from March to May of 1992, tells about the racism propagated toward the Aborigines in Australia. In the late 1800ís, people were looking for a way to justify evolution and racism. They discovered that they needed numerous missing links to prove this theory. If monkeys turned into man, you would have to have a lot of missing links to change from one to the other. Of course, they couldnít find any missing links, but if they could find one they would be rich. The museums would pay a fortune to get one. These two (figure 4-23) found a neat way to get missing links and made a fortune. They went to Australia and dug up graves of the Aborigines. You see, the Aborigines that live in Australia have bigger eyebrow ridges than most people, and their jaws are a little heavier. So, they thoughtí "Ah ha! this is the missing link." They sold the bones to museums as missing links and made a fortune. Pretty soon they ran out of graves to rob; so they began shooting the Aborigines and selling their bones to museums. They taught their students how to plug up bullet holes in freshly killed specimens. The article (figure 4-24) says, "A New South Wales missionary was the horrifying witness to the slaughter by mounted police of a group of dozens of men, women and children. Forty-five of the best heads were then boiled down, and the best ten were packed off for overseas." The Aborigines are not inferior! They are not the missing link, but they were slaughtered, thousands of them, to provide specimens for museums.

The fellow pictured in figure 4-25 is named Otabenga. He was even put in a zoo. At the St. Louis Worldís Fair, he was put in a cage. He was taken away from a wife and two children. They said he was a missing link between the ape and man; so, in the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, they put him in a cage with the apes. I was up there some time ago, and the cage is still there where Otabenga was put on display. Otabenga went insane and killed himself. They thought that he was an inferior species. Matter of fact, they went down to Tasmania and shot Tasmanian Aborigines off the coast of Australia. Hundreds and hundreds, and even thousands were killed. The Smithsonian Institute has 33,000 sets of human remains in their basement right now as you are reading this. Many of them were taken while the people were still alive. They were so desperate to find missing links, so desperate to prove their theory that they murdered people to prove it. It was the philosophy of evolution that drove them.

The philosophy of evolutionism and humanism is what drove Karl Marx. Karl Marx wrote a brilliant Christian paper as a teenager. He was raised in a Christian home. Karl Marx went off to college, and a professor destroyed his faith. Boy, a lot of college professors have destroyed the faith of our youth. Karl Marx became a devout atheist and fathered communism. He said later in life, "My objective in life is to dethrone God, and destroy capitalism." Karl Marxís total philosophy was based upon evolution. He even tried to dedicate his book, Das Kapital, to Charles Darwin. Written on the title page (figure 4-28) is: "To Charles Darwin from a sincere admirer, Karl Marx." You see; we would not have communism today if it had not been for evolution succeeding in the middle 1800ís. Communism is a direct offshoot of that philosophy, the theory of evolution. Karl Marx referred to evolution in his speeches over and over again. He said things like, "Evolution is how it happens," or, "Evolution is on your side," or, "We got here because of evolution." It is the major theme all through his works. Just read any of his books, and you will understand. He said, "Evolution was the solution to how we got here." That was his philosophy in life.

Evolution was John D. Rockefellerís philosophy of life. John D. Rockefeller, and many of the industrialists back in the 1800ís, like Andrew Carnegie, believed in evolution. You see, evolution teaches that only the strongest survive, and that you should struggle for life, tooth and claw. Therefore, Rockefeller said, "Hey, we are going to be the strongest." He couldnít stand competition. He wanted to wipe out the competition any way that he could. You are not going to understand the history of the 1800ís, why the unions had to be formed to break up the monopolies, or why the trust busters, the anti-trust laws, and the child labor laws came into effect, until you understand the driving force behind it all. Much of that was motivated because of a response to the philosophy of evolution, and thatís what had happened to the industrialist. Get rich any way that you can, after all there is no God to whom you must give an account. That was Rockefellerís problem.

Evolution was Theodore Rooseveltís problem. Theodore Roosevelt believed in evolution. Roosevelt said, "We have an inferior species on this continent." In America? Who were the inferior species in America, Theodore? Ah, he thought the Indians were inferior. Have you ever wandered why we broke all the treaties with the Indians? We made treaties with the Indians and then broke them. Why? Many of our leaders were strong evolutionists, and they thought that the Indians were savages, inferior species, and that it wasnít their right to have any land. They thought that the white man and the superior Europeans ought to have the land. In 1871, Congress scrapped all treaties with the Indians and moved them out to the worst property that they could find. You are not going to understand the tragic history of what happened to the Indians until you understand the philosophy of evolution and how it motivated our leaders.

It frustrated Sam Houston because he was married to a Cherokee woman. The Trail of Tears was where the Cherokee Indians were driven out of the Chattanooga area all the way to Oklahoma. One third of the entire nation died en route. That took place here in America as they were driven from their homes. Evolution is largely responsible for what happened to the Indians. How any Indian can believe in evolution just blows my mind. They should study their history because the evolution theory is what destroyed them.

Evolution was Vladimir Ilich Leninís problem. Lenin lead the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and took over Russia. He killed the Zar and his family in cold blood. There would not be communism in Russia today if had not been for Charles Darwinís book on evolution. Charles Darwin wouldnít have done what he did if he not been influenced by Charles Lyell, and that stupid geologic column. Thatís where it all started, a disbelief in Godís word and teaching that the world is millions of years old.

The fellow standing on the left in figure 4-30 is Mussolini. Benito Mussolini was a dictator in Italy during World War II. He was an outspoken evolutionist. He thought that the Italians were a superior species. The Italian troops slaughtered the Ethiopian troops, after all the Ethiopians were just black. They were inferior.

The fellow on the right is Adolf Schicklgruber. Have you ever heard of him? He couldnít spell Schicklgruber in kindergarten, so he changed his name to Hitler. Adolf Hitler was an outspoken evolutionist. He thought that the Germans were the superior race. He wrote the book Mein Kampf. You ought to read Mein Kampf and see how many times Hitler refers to racial crossing, superior races, or higher races. The major theme of the book is Germans are a superior race.

In early 1993 while preaching in Keene, New Hampshire, I had a free day when I was not scheduled to speak at any school; so, I went to the Keene State University Library. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy going to the library and reading books. Keene State has an entire section devoted to Adolf Hitler and the holocaust. I spent six hours talking to their librarian. He brought me book after book after book. I spent forty dollars photocopying pages. I asked the librarian, "Sir, why did Hitler kill the Jews? Why didnít he kill somebody else? Why didnít he target another group in particular? Why was he so intent on wiping out the Jews?" The librarian said, "Well, Hitler was going by a list ." I said, "Brother, Iíd like to see that list." He brought me book after book after book, and we found the list that Hitler used (figure 4-31). Have you ever wandered why he killed the Jews? Hitler believed in Aryan supremacy. He thought the Aryans were the superior race, which was the blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic. He thought that the Germans were next. They were predominately brown-haired and blue eyed. He thought below the Germans there were other races such as the Slovaks, and the Mediterraneans. He thought the Slovaks were half Aryan and half ape. If you keep looking down the list, youíll see Hitler thought the Orientals had slightly ape preponderance.. He thought that the black Africans were mostly ape, and the Jews were close to pure ape. Hitler thought that he was doing the world a favor by wiping out the inferior races so the superior races could survive.

That was Margaret Sangerís philosophy of life as well: "Wipe out the inferior." If Hitler had succeeded in killing the Jews, and he killed a lot of them, he would have gone after the blacks next. Hitler hated the blacks. Thatís why the 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany. Guess who won the most gold medals, a black athlete from America by the name of Jesse Owens (figure 4-33). Hitler was enraged that a black man could beat the white man. Hitler walked out of the stadium in anger. The racism in Hitlerís mind was because of his philosophy of life, evolution. He thought that the whites were superior. That is why the Germans have poured a fortune into their Olympic teams in the last fifty years. Many Germans still think that Aryan supremacy is the way that it ought to be. If you think this idea of racism is dead, you should carefully watch your evening news. An article from Skokie, Illinois, Associated Press, states: "A man told the authorities he chose a plastic surgeon from the phone book and killed him." He just picked somebody out of the phone book and killed him? He did that because he thought the hair dressers and the plastic surgeons were diluting the Aryan beauty. They were changing the way people look so you could not distinguish the Aryans from other races. There are the Skin Head racists and the Nazis in Germany and in America. Itís not dead. There are still those who believe in the Aryan supremacy.

A few years ago I was preaching in Waterloo, Ontario and after completing session number four, which covered this chapter, an old man came up to me at the end of the service. Speaking with a German accent, he said, "Dr. Hovind, you are so right about what you were saying tonight. You are so right! Keep preaching it!" I said, "Brother, I intend to keep preaching it, but tell me, what do you mean?" He said, "I was raised in Germany and attended Adolf Hitlerís schools. I was training to become an SS officer. They brainwashed us young people. They told us evolution is how we got here." I said, "Brother, I intend to keep preaching it." If you think that I leave my family 60 percent of the year, travel around the country, sleep in strange motels beds every night, and eat at restaurants all of the time because I donít like my wifeís cooking, or because I donít want to be with my gorgeous wife, youíre mistaken. I would much rather be at home, but there is a war going on. Somebody must warn the troops.

This philosophy is what is undermining all of Christianity and devastating our country in many ways. Hitler killed the Jews by the millions. He just piled them up, piles and piles of Jewish bodies buried in graves. As they were killing the Jews, the rest of the world was doing practically nothing to stop it. They were trying to stop Adolf Hitler from coming to their country. Hitler used the young people to do it. He got them while they were young and brainwashed them into thinking Aryans are supreme. "Itís your duty to rule the world. You are a German. We need to get the weeds out of the gardens so the flowers can spread out." Thatís what they taught them. Racism has almost wrecked this country and the world. In America we were just as racist. In 1938, Adolf Hitler offered to send the Jews to anybody that would take them. He said, "Who wants the Jews? I will send them to you on luxury ships." President Roosevelt refused to take them. Did you know that boatloads of Jews were turned away from American shores while they were slaughtering them in Europe? We turned them away from our shores and would not give them political asylum. You should look at the 1930 immigration quotas from different countries. White Europeans, "Oh, come on in." Blacks, "No, sorry, stay out." Spanish, "No, sorry, stay out." Jews, "No, forget it. You canít come in." America had immigration quotas that stated if you are Jewish you will have to have $10,000 to come into the country. Hitler said that if they wanted to leave the country they could leave, but they could only take $4 with them. That was pretty rough wasnít it? Start off with $4 and end up with $10,000 after a two-week trip. It was racism.

God is not in favor of racism. The Bible states very clearly in Acts chapter seventeen that all nations are of one blood. If you will give money to send a missionary across the ocean to win a black man to Christ, and you will not go across the street to win a black man to Christ, or invite a black man to your church, you are a HYPOCRITE! Donít tell me that you love Jesus, because you donít. If this sounds like you, you are not acquainted with the love of God. Every race needs to be saved.

The same thing happened to Joseph Stalin (figure 4-35). Did you know that Joseph Stalin went to a Christian school as a child? While Joseph Stalin was in an Ecclesiastical Christian school, he read a book that influenced him for the rest of his life. The book that Joseph Stalin read that changed his whole philosophy of life was Charles Darwinís book on the Origin of Species. Stalin decided that there is no God, and that man is the ultimate. Stalin was one of the most brutal dictators that the world has ever seen. Under Stalinís reign, 60 million people were killed. Sixty million! How could he do that? Stalinís autobiography states, "There are three things that we do to disabuse the minds of our seminary students of the myth that the world was created in six days. We had to teach them the age of the earth, the geologic origin, and Darwinís teachings." The earth is billions of years old. The geologic column is the way to interpret it, and Charles Darwinís evolution is right. That is what they teach in order to be a good communist. Did you know that Russian teachers come to America to study education because the American educational system is considered the best in the world for teaching students these three principals. This prepares them to be good communists and to doubt the word of God.

Very few young people can make it all the way through high school and through the college secular systems and still remain confident that the Bible is the word of God. There are too many people along the way that are determined to trip them up and stop them. I remember some of my professors. On my first day in sociology class, my professor asked: "Are there any Christians in the room?" I raised my hand along with two others. He said, "So, youíre a Christian? Do you believe there is a God?" I said, "Yes sir." He said, "Tell me, can God do anything?" I said, "Yes sir." By the way, thatís not true. There are some things that God cannot do. He cannot learn because He already knows it all. The professor said, "Well, Mr. Hovind, if God can do anything, tell me, can God make a rock so big that He canít lift it?" I said, "Well, I donít know, but I know he can make one so big that you canít lift it!" For the rest of the semester, it was just as if his goal in life was to destroy my faith. Very few young people make it through the humanist school system with their faith intact. Thatís what happened to Joseph Stalin. Thatís what happened to many in the past and thatís what is happening here in the United States. The school system is the vehicle that is capturing our children and destroying their faith.

Joseph Stalin signed the executive order (figures 4-36 and 4-37) to execute the prisoners at the Katyn forest. Everyone should study the Katyn forest massacre. Germany conquered one part of Poland, and Russia conquered the other part of Poland. Poland was caught in the middle before America even became involved in World War II. Poland was wiped out from both sides. After capturing a large number of prisoners, they said, "Hey Joseph, what do you want us to do with all of these prisoners?" He said, "Oh, they are just Poles; execute them." They put hoods over their heads, tied their hands behind their backs, jerked them up as hard as they could, put ropes around their necks, and marched them out to the edge of a hill, and one by one they shot 14,700 Polish officers in the back of the head. How can you shoot prisoners of war? What about the Geneva Convention? Hey Joseph, donít you know that itís not nice to shoot people in the back of the head while they canít resist? Treaties and conventions are meaningless to a communist. They are only a means to get ahead, and they have no intention of keeping their treaties. If a lion makes a treaty with a lamb, should the lamb be excited? "Hey Mr. Lion, see this paper? You signed this paper, and you said that you wasnít going to hurt me." Are you stupid in any other area, or is this the only one? The communists have no intention of keeping treaties. Communism will come back with a vengeance in Russia. Mark my word!

Communists teach their students a simple technique. They ask them to bring a board, a hammer, and a nail. The teacher says, "Boys and girls, Iím going to pound this nail into this board. Now, watch closely." He takes the hammer and slams it down on the head of the nail, BOOM! He says, "Now, should I keep pushing on the hammer, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH?" "No, no, no, teacher. Draw the hammer back until you are ready to strike again." They pull back and strike again. Thatís the way you pound a nail. You donít hit it and keep pushing because youíll never drive it in that way. Then the teacher says, "Thatís right boys and girls this is the way that we are going to take over this world. We are going to strike and take a country, and then we are going to back up and say, Weíve changed; weíre nice now. Send us your aid." Then, we are going to strike and take another one, and back up and say, "Hey, weíve changed. Send us more money please."

American capitalism has helped finance the communist take over of the world. Somebody is going to answer to God for this. Although it is true that people are starving in Russia, nothing has changed. When you feel that we should be sending them aid, ask yourself why they are producing six times more military hardware now than they were ten years ago? Six times! They are building hardware like crazy. Nothing has changed at all. We will have serious problems in the near future. One solution would be to tell your congressman or senator that the next time Russia says they need aid to offer to buy all of their tanks, helicopters, and nuclear submarines for ten cents on the dollar. If they built them for 100 billion, we will give them 10 billion. If they ever get back on their feet financially, we will sell them back for 20 billion dollars." Their starvation is caused by their government and their philosophy of life. Communism is destroying them.

When communism took over in China, ten thousand Christians a month were executed; yet, surprisingly, Christianity flourished. It is estimated that there are 55 million Christians in China today. You see, persecution makes the church thrive. Do you know what the Chinese Christians are praying for? The Chinese Christians are praying that persecution will come to America because they are worried that American Christians have become weak. They say, "Man, America needs a good persecution, clean out the church, get some strong ones in there." Thatís what they are praying. Do you want God to answer those prayers?

When Pol Poc, the leader of the Kimer Rooge, took over Cambodia, they executed over one third of their own people. Some estimates are as high as half of their own people. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest genocide. One third of their own population? How could Pol Poc do that to his own people? How could they slaughter people by the millions in Cambodia? This took place from 1975 to 1979. It has also taken place in other countries. When America pulled out of South Vietnam, a slaughter took place. We donít understand the dangers of what is happening. It is tragic. Communists have explicit guidelines for revolution. Listed below are the guidelines they use when they want to take over a country.

Communist Guidelines for Revolution

    1. Corrupt the young; get them away from religion; get them interested in sex.
    2. Break down the old moral values.
    3. Encourage civil disorder and soften government attitude toward crime.
    4. Divide the people into hostile groups, (race, religion, etc.)
    5. Get the peopleís minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sex, etc.
    6. Gain control of all media.
    7. Destroy peopleís faith in their leaders.
    8. Cause the registration of all firearms -- to eventually confiscate.

  1. Corrupt the young. Overall, the youth of our nation are losing regard for established values and integrity.
  2. Break down the old moral virtues. Today, the going thing is if it feels good, do it; this is in keeping with the humanist philosophy.
  3. Encourage civil disorder. Civil disorder is rampant.
  4. Divide the people into hostile groups. Division among the different races, religions, and political persuasions, among many other hot issues, such as abortion, have stirred and divided the country. It is the communists job to keep these pots boiling.
  5. Get the peopleís minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics. Have you ever wandered why athletics is so popular in this country? Why does a guy make 5 million dollars for chasing a ball across a cow pasture. Have we gone crazy? Iím not against football. I like football. I donít understand it. Take the Super Bowl for instance. They will spend millions of dollars on it. All those grown men out their fighting over that one ball, when they could afford to buy one of their own. We have gone sports crazy in this country.
  6. Gain control of all the media. Media influence on the attitudes and beliefs of our people is incredible.
  7. Destroy peopleís faith in their leaders. We have some good leaders, but any good work they do is distorted so the people will lose faith in their abilities.
  8. Cause the registration of all firearms. Do you know this is one of the communist plans to take control of the country? Register all firearms. That has been a reoccurring theme throughout history. Thatís what Lenin called for, to disarm the people. Thatís what Adolf Hitler wanted. Did you know that Adolf Hitlerís gun control law, WORD FOR WORD, almost made it through our senate and house of representatives a couple of years ago? It would have become law here in the United States. Hitler required that you register your firearms. Joseph Stalin wanted registration of all firearms. GUN CONTROL! That is what the Branch Davidian compound attack was all about. David Koresh was a gun collector and a tax evader. Boy, they didnít like him, and one of the purposes for that raid was to scare the American people into submission. You better register your firearms. Make sure they know. They might come for you as they did for Koresh.

This is going to surprise you. I am in favor of gun control. You say, "You Dr. Hovind." Oh, yes. Gun control is being able to hold the gun steady and hit the bullís eye. Thatís gun control! Did you know that in Switzerland every household must have a fully automatic machine gun and 1,000 rounds of ammunition? Every year they must qualify with their machine gun, and at that time, the government issues them another 1,000 rounds. They shoot up a 1,000 rounds every year with a fully automatic machine gun. Everybody in Switzerland, including every child in the home, knows how to operate a fully automatic machine gun. Have you noticed that Switzerland has never been invaded? Would you invade a country like that? Gun control is stupid! The solution is criminal control. Child control? Yes, but not gun control. School control, politician control? Yes!

We have a New Word Order army coming on the scene. The New World Order is going to have an army and we are already training them. A lot of policeman and servicemen are going to be in it, and they are going to have black uniforms (figure 4-38), black helicopters, and black tanks. That was what the Waco raid was all about. "Letís introduce these police to the world as good guys." No, they are not the good guys. You mark my word! The attack on the Davidian Compound had nothing to do with child abuse. What were they doing attacking the Koresh compound? Is that how you serve a search warrant? Do you open the door with ninety armed men? If somebody comes charging up to my house with a bunch of guns and ski masks on, Iím going to think, "Hey, these guys are not here to collect the rent." There is not question that Koresh was a weirdo, but the whole thing was a fiasco. There is a whole lot more to it than what has been put out by the media. There are some great tapes out on what really happened at Waco, entitled Waco I and Waco II.

What President Bush did with the Los Angeles riots is interesting. President Bush called in federal troops. The constitution states that the government is not supposed to use the troops of America against American citizens. The incident at Waco when they brought in the army tanks and the army helicopters against American citizens was a violation of the US Constitution. Janet Reno should be criminally prosecuted for allowing it to happen. What happened at Waco was tragic. You are considered a cult if you believe the Bible and go to church too regularly, if you send your children to a private school, or you home school them. You are a part of the cult. They would look at you just as they looked at David Koresh. Sending US troops into Los Angeles riots was a test to see if they could violate the Constitution and to see if anyone would complain about it. Do you know what happened? Nobody complained about it.

Our Constitution is being gradually whittled away from under us. We must get people in battle who will defend the Constitution. The senators and representatives are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. By the way, the tenth amendment says that anything that is not in the Constitution is left up to the states. Joe Scarboro came to my house for about an hour when he was running for congressman in the state of Florida. I said, "Joe, what is your basic philosophy of government?" He said, "The tenth amendment. The federal government should do what is in the Constitution and nothing else." I said, "Joe, whatís your philosophy of education?" He said, "The Federal government ought to get out of the education business. They should close the Department of Education and turn the powers back over to the state." I said, "Brother, you have my vote." The federal government has no business, zero, being involved in welfare. They ought to totally close down the system and allow the states take care of that business. If the state or the county wants to pay people to have babies out of wedlock, thatís the peopleís business that live in those states and counties. The federal government should not be involved in those things.

We have a huge government that is involved in things that should not be a part of their business. The National Endowment for the Arts is another one. Shut it down. If the local counties want to pay some artist for nudity then that is the business of the taxpayers of that county. I have been complaining for the past couple of weeks about the nude art in the Pensacola airport gift shop. The owner called me and said, "Youíre the only person that has complained." I said to him, "Six nude women in the shape of a skull? Thatís not art, thatís pornography!" The man at the airport has done nothing about it. The police have done nothing about it. If people donít stand up for what is right, corruption will take over. Itís always been that way.

I am not for gun control. We ought to execute criminals for certain crimes. The prisons are overcrowded because a lot of them should have been executed. If everyone that should have been executed was executed it would do wonders for detouring crime and lowering the prison population. Some say, "Yeah, but maybe they can be reformed." Maybe some can be, but thatís not the point. We have many victimsí families out there who are suffering. They canít sleep at night thinking the guy is going to get out of prison some day. The best thing that could happen to a person that commits murder or rape and to society is to kill them, quickly and publicly. That would solve a few problems, wouldnít it? We ought to have school control, and child control, and government control, but not gun control. Everybody ought to be required to have a gun and be a good shot with it, then we would have the same results as Switzerland.

This is all part of a long conspiracy that has been going on for several hundred years. I donít know about the smoke-filled rooms some place with a bunch of men conspiring to destroy the world. These are probably in existence but the conspiracy I am talking about is at a much higher level. It is Satan versus God. Satan wants to rule this world.

In 1776, a man by the name of Adam Weishaupt started a group called the Illuminati, the enlightened ones. Their symbol is on the back of our dollar bill (figure 4-40). The all-seeing-eye is on top of the pyramid. That was the symbol of the Illuminati. The date at the bottom of the pyramid is in Roman numerals, which translates to 1776. The Latin words, "Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum," translate to, "Announcing the birth of the New World Order." That is what it says on the back of our dollar bill in Latin. If you will notice behind the pyramid no grass is growing, just desert. In front of the pyramid there is vegetation growing. They say, "Once we get the New World Order in place, and institute the all-seeing-eye on top which represents Lucifer, the light bearer will be in charge." Yes, the all-seeing-eye on your dollar bill represents Lucifer. They know that, and they fully intend for Lucifer to rule this world. The Bible states that he will for a while. When they bring the New World Order takes over, Lucifer is going to be in charge. If you look carefully at the dollar bill, you will notice the all-seeing-eye is not touching the pyramid. Thatís because he has not been put in place yet. The top of the pyramid is not done. Did you know that the Great Pyramid in Egypt, from which this is modeled, is an interesting structure? If you become hooked on this, youíll be hooked for life. I believe that the builders of the Great Pyramids were either Noah and Shem who built it after the flood. Or maybe it was Adam and Enoch who built it before the flood, and it was the only structure to survive the flood.. The Great Pyramid is positioned perfectly, north, south, east, and west. It is the only building in the world that is facing true north. It is thirteen and one half acres on its base. Most of the stones weigh at least seventy tons. We have no idea how they built it. We could not build it today. If you walk into the entrance of the great pyramid, you will walk down the broad way that leads down to the pit, or you can choose the narrow way that leads up to the kingís chamber. Boy, that will preach, wonít it? The symbolism for Christianity is all through the building. The sides of it have 144,000, smooth, polished limestone blocks. Ah, 144,000, that number is in the Bible. If you choose the narrow way, you go up 153 steps to the kingís chamber. One-hundred and fifty-three! Jesus told the parable about them casting the net into the sea, and gathering 153 great fishes. He told another parable about casting the net in, and the gathering of all nations into the kingdom of God. Did you know that there is about 160 countries in the world right now? Ten are going to get together for the European common market. I suspect that when the Lord comes back there are going to be 153 nations in the world. Thatís interesting. If you look at the pyramid, the top of the pyramid is not there. The building came up and stopped. Jesus Christ is the chief corner stone, thatís why. He is the stone that the builders rejected, the stone mentioned in the book of Daniel that was cut out of the mountain without hands, and he has not finished the job yet. Someday Jesus will come back and finish the job.

Satan is trying to muscle in and take over and he will not have a problem. Before you get all worried about the New World Order and what is going to happen when all these problems come, read Psalms chapter two or Psalms chapter thirty-seven. It will calm you right down. God looks at these conspiracies and laughs. Psalm 2:1-4a says, "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh..." There is a conspiracy going on, and these people are going to try to take over. It is surprising how far they have come in the last 200 years. It really is incredible.

The Great Pyramid is a neat subject to study. If you go up to the kingís chamber you will notice an empty tomb with a red granite coffin. The coffin has the exact dimensions of the ark of the covenant. The angle of the shaft leading down or the angle leading up is twenty-six degrees, nine minutes and seven seconds. It is noteworthy, that this is the exact angle from the pyramid to Bethlehem, right to the second. Pretty neat isnít it? The Great Pyramid is positioned on the latitude line and the longitude line, which happens to be the longest ones in the world above sea level. If you were to find all of the latitude lines and pick the one with the most dirt above sea level, you will find that the pyramid sits on it. It is located geographically at the center of the world. I believe that it was build to be the first Bible in stone. There are many books available to read concerning the pyramids.

This is all part of the New World Order, which was a conspiracy started by Satan back in the garden of Eden. He wanted to rule the world. He has tried numerous times, through Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. What we are going to see during the end times is a revival of the Roman Empire in the New World Order. There are many good books on this subject that you ought to read to become familiar with what is happening. The pyramid has become the symbol for the New World Order. They stole that from God. God is going to be the one that will run this place one of these days. He is going to fix everything.

In the book of Revelation, it was prophesied that in the end times someone will come on the scene, and he will cause everyone to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. You cannot buy or sell without the mark. The mark is going to be six-hundred three-score and six, 666. Now, why was it recorded 2,000 years ago that we would have a mark to buy or sell? Six-hundred three-score and six! This prophecy could not have been fulfilled a hundred years ago, but today it is being fulfilled right before our eyes. In 1972, IBM Corporation developed the bar code where the computer can actually translate lines and spaces into zeros and ones, a binary language, and read it. You will find those lines on the sides of virtually every product that is bought and sold. All they do is run them over the scanner. If you carefully study the bar code, you will find that there are two different ways to make each of the numbers. There are three ways to make a few of them. A white line is a zero and a black line is a one. The computer reads these as zeros and ones and translates them to meaningful numbers or letters. Computers talk in binary language. They put those lines and spaces on the products in the form of a bar code. If you look at the first two lines on the bar code, they are longer than the rest and are unmarked. The system does not tell you what these numbers are. They are two skinny lines separated by a space. If you look to the center of the bar code you will find two more unmarked skinny lines longer than the rest with a single space between them. Look at the end of the bar code; again, you will find the same thing. It just so happens that two skinny lines with a space in between them is the computer binary code for the number six. Since 1972, the product bar codes have had a six at the beginning, a six in the middle, and a six at the end. Everything that you buy at the store is marked with 666. Isnít that interesting? These numbers do not provide any valuable data. Why would they put a six at the beginning, middle and end? Why didnít they choose a two or a four? Itís on every product. Check it out and see for yourself.

The Bible says if you receive that mark and worship the beast, you are going to be in trouble. Read Revelation chapter 14 and you will see how they will be tormented and punished. What has happened since then? In 1990, they begin putting little magnetic strips inside our paper bills. If you examine a five, a ten, or a twenty dollar bill while holding it up to the light, you will see the strip about one-inch in on the left side. This is to prevent counterfeiting, but there are other things that they can do with it. They can detect, roughly, how much money is in your pocket when you walk past sensors, based on that strip. That technology was developed back in 1985. Thatís old stuff now. They can check for drug dealers at the airports with these little sensors. They can say, "Ah, that guy is carrying thousands of dollars. We better find out why." Technology is far beyond that now.

A little microchip was developed to aid paralyzed people to walk. Plans were to inject this microchip in the muscles of paralyzed people and utilize a computer attached to their back to stimulate the muscles. Although the project failed as far as getting paralyzed people to walk, it succeeded in micro sizing the chip. This little chip can now be implanted. It is a little bigger than a grain of rice and can be injected under the skin with a hypodermic needle. A lot of pets are now marked this way. Several companies are now competing with each other using this technology. Infopet and others make this little chip so that you can inject it into your pet for identification. Itís like a permanent tattoo that some pet owners use. Cattle farmers are now microchipping their cattle instead of using tags on the ears, tattoos or brands. The process is relatively inexpensive. For twenty, thirty, or forty dollars you can have your animal microchipped. Some of the Desert Storm pilots were microchipped so they could be tracked via satellite. The railroad uses this microchip technology on their box cars. This is part of the Global Positioning System or GPS as it is called. They have put up the last of the GPS satellites, and every square inch of world is now covered. If you have a GPS chip, they can find you with a satellite, within a few feet. A friend of mine, who worked at the railroad yard, gave me a plate that was mounted to the side of a box car. He said, "Brother Hovind, you might want to scratch a few of the lines off because if you are carrying this in your suitcase while traveling on Delta or US Air, the satellites will track it as if a box car is going 500 mph." This plate is about three inches by seven inches, but the ones that are injected into pets and humans are very small. These are little transplantable transponders.

This is amazing, frightening, and exciting all at the same time. We are going to get to see the end of this world. We are going to get to see the Lord come back in the real near future. How much tribulation must we endure first? I donít know. The Russian and the Chinese Christians think that they have already been through tribulation. I do not believe that America has any right to say, "Hey God, you better not let us have any problems." We may just go through a few problems. It may get worse before it gets better. The United States is already divided into regions (figure 4-49). If you look carefully at your license plate, you will notice three little holograms. If the light is just right, you can see three little dots directly in the center, one above the other. Those little holograms denote a certain region. The entire world, including the US, is divided into regions for when the New World Order takes effect.

FEMA is already developing detention camps to put prisoners in when they do not agree with the New World Order. I believe that a lot of senators and representative are going to be the first ones in those camps. You see, America is bankrupt. The world bankers already own the world. The national debt exceeds the value of the country. We are bankrupt, but they cannot really cash in and foreclose on the mortgage because too many people still have guns. The last obstacle to complete financial collapse of our system, and the establishment of the New World Order, is getting rid of the guns in America. Thatís why we have some senators and representatives in there saying, "The second amendment is to protect your right to have guns so that you can go hunting." No, no, no! The second amendment is not about duck hunting. The purpose of the second amendment, the right to bear arms, was so the citizens could protect themselves from their own government. You see, if the government fears the people, you can have a good government, but when the people fear the government, you have tyranny. Everybody ought to be allowed to have an M1 tank in their front yard if that's what they want to without having it registered. You might ask, "What about all of the drug dealers?" If anybody commits a crime with a gun they ought to be executed. That would solve the problem. Donít take away the gun; take away the criminal. In France, where they used the guillotine years ago, a man was about to have his head severed. One of the citizens said, "Isnít this terrible punishment? This guy rapes one person, and you are cutting his head off?" Somebody else said, "Well, yes. Itís pretty hard punishment, but one thing is for sure, the people that walk up these stairs donít commit that crime again."

We are so close to the New World Order taking effect. It is frightening that Christians are asleep on their watch and not warning other people to become prepared for what is about to happen. We are going to be caught asleep. Hughes Aircraft Corporation developed strips that go over the top of the highways for accumulating toll. If you have a little chip on the dash of your car and drive through one of these things, your toll will automatically be deducted from your account. Imagine that. A toll booth where you do not have to slow down. There are a lot of these in Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas. As you pass under the toll booth, look at the back side of the strip over the top, and you will see cameras mounted for each lane. These cameras photograph and check your license plate to see if the car is wanted, or stolen, or if the registration is expired. They can check eight cars per second at 100 mph. It is unbelievable what the computer can do that runs these systems. The technology is in use right now. Big brother is going to be watching, and there will be no place to hide. The tribulation that is coming upon this world is unbelievable. The Bible states in Revelation that there is going to be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world. Do you think what happened in Russia was bad? They exterminated 60 million people. Do you think what happened in Germany was bad? They exterminated 6 million people. Do you think that Cambodia had tribulation with half of their population being killed? Just wait until you see the great tribulation! Nothing like it has ever happened in the world. Millions, and probably billions of people are going to die.

The globalist, the Council of the Committee of Three Hundred, has as one of their goals to reduce the world population from six billion to one-half billion people. There are too many people here that cannot be controlled; so get rid of them. Thatís why AIDS was purposefully developed in a Maryland laboratory to wipe out population. A manufactured vaccine? "Dr. Hovind, do you know what you are talking about?" I know exactly what I am talking about. I have loads of documentation to back this up.

The Bible states in Hosea 4:6a, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." All through history, Christians have been sheep for the slaughter. Our duty is to sweetly and kindly obey Christ and to follow his will. Thatís our job. We may see some persecution here in this country. I hope not. Before we go under and while we still have a free country, why should we have to pay for evolution to be taught in the school system? Evolution is the philosophy that drives Humanism, Communism, Nazism, and Socialism (figure 4-49). There is a global society coming, and these people are very upset that we do not teach our youth evolution.

Paul Hoaglar, the head of the Nebraska Board of Education, a former Nebraska senator, said to Everette Silivanís lawyer, "Fundamentalist parents have no right to indoctrinate their children in their beliefs. We are preparing their children for the year 2000 and life in a global one-world society (New World Order, the same thing thatís on the dollar bill), and those children will not fit in (Figure 4-50)." Home schoolers and Christian school parents mark my word. We are number one on the list to go spend time in those detention camps while they take our children and reeducate them. Thatís exactly as Hitler did. The camps are already built. Right here in America they have converted some of the old military bases into some of these camps. Egland Air Force Base has a big one right down the road from where I live. At least I will be close to home. I can catch up on my Bible reading, and other reading, if they will allow it. Problems are coming!

Persecution has already begun against creationists in the public school system. It is shocking to see what is happening to many of our public school teachers and how they have lost their jobs because they were creationists. John Patterson said in the Journal of the National Center for Science Education, Fall issue, "Creation should be discriminated against...No advocate of such propaganda should be trusted to teach science classes or administer science programs anywhere or under any circumstances. Moreover, if any are now doing so, they should be dismissed (figure 4-51)." Just because they believe in creation, fire them? Oh, absolutely! Look what Kendrick Frazier, an Iowa professor said in the Fall 1983 issue of Skeptical Inquirer, "The professor has the right to fail any student, no matter what his grades are, if the professor finds out he is a creationist. If they find out later that he is a creationist, they can retract his degree (figure 4-52)" Take his degree away from him? There is persecution! If you believe in creation, the establishment does not want you, because along with creation comes the concept of a creator, and Satan wants you to think that he is the boss.

It is time to become motivated! Christians are too busy playing. We are being distracted by all sorts of things instead of the real causes. Davidís brothers said to him, "David, are you going to go fight Goliath? Heís pretty big, isnít he?" David said, "Is there not a cause?" What is your cause for living? What do you think about? What do you want to accomplish with your life? What is your driving force in life? Get a bigger house? Get a fancier car? What drives you? What drives me is helping to defeat evolution and helping Christians to have a renewed faith in Godís word. I think about it at night. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and make notes, "Gotta make a slide on this, to show this fact." It drives me because evolution is the root to many of the evils we are fighting. Instead of fighting abortion, pornography, and euthanasia, realize that evolution is the philosophy behind them all. We could kill them all with one chop of the ax and destroy this bad philosophy out of their lives. We need to be busy in doing many things. We need to be telling teachers, "Hey, you can teach creation in the classroom." I go to public schools all the time, I do not mention God or the Bible, I just go in there to destroy evolution, thatís all. I do not talk about the Bible, but I sure tell them that evolution is a false religion.

Have you ever seen those little mobiles that hang over the top of a baby crib? You wind them up, and the baby watches with amazement. Do you know what the purpose of those things is? Itís to keep the baby distracted so he does not think about hollering and screaming. Right? Do you know the purpose of many things in this world is to keep Christians distracted? Satan has done a great job. We are so complacent, "Wow! Look at this football go clear across the field. Oh, wow! Neat!" We are being distracted. There is a war going on. How about the picture in figure 4-53, is this your god? Is this what drives you? Is this what you think about all the time, a ball? Is every spare minute spent playing with a ball? There is nothing wrong with sports. I like sports, but is that your primary purpose for living? Hey, how many hours have you spent in athletic events, and how many hours have you spent reading your Bible, or trying to win someone to Christ? We need to get people involved in the proper causes.

Ecclesiastes 5:10a is an interesting verse, it says, "He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver..." You see, there is no way to satisfy the desire for what you love the most. You are going to want more of it. If you like a big house, you will want a bigger house. If you like a car that goes fast, you will want one that goes faster. Have you ever seen those guys that race those cars? They are always tinkering with them to get them to go a little faster. You are never going to be satisfied. Never! That thing that you chase after will never satisfy you. He that loveth sports shall not be satisfied with sports. You are being hooked. You are being addicted. Thatís why Jesus said, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." Just fall in love with the right thing. Fall in love with Jesus, and you will never be satisfied. You will always want to know more about him. You will want to read your Bible more. You will want to tell more people about him. We need to get busy. The solution to Americaís problem is 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn (off their wicked TV program) from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." Would you like God to fix America? The problem with America is not the queers, or the prostitutes, or the drug addicts, or the politician. The problem with America is the Christians. We are not doing our part. God expects the heathen to act like a heathen, but when his children act like a heathen he has to bring judgment. God told Abraham that he would spare the whole city of Sodom and Gomorrah if he could find ten righteous people. There was Lot and his wife, and at least four daughters that we know, that lived there with Lot. Two of the daughters were married, that makes eight. Lot had been there for years; surely, Lot had won two people to the Lord. No, Lot did not lead anybody to the Lord. He could only bring four out, and one of them looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Itís time to become motivated.

What should we do, you ask? If America should become a communist country or a dictatorship, which we inevitably will unless a miracle happens in the very near future, we should obey those that have the rule over us just as it says in Romans chapter thirteen. Keep in mind, that passage was written from jail, so apparently, you do not obey them in everything. If they say that you have to stop preaching, then you must disobey that. God has the higher authority. You obey those that have authority over you as long as it does not conflict with Godís authority over you. You should follow the examples of people like Jesus. He grew up under Roman control. Moses and Joseph grew up under hostile governments. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego all lived under an ungodly king. You can live for the Lord under any circumstances. Some are a little rougher than others. I have enjoyed the freedom in America that I have had so far, but if we lose it, keep preaching, and winning souls to Christ. You may say, "They might put me in jail." Yes, they sure might. Most of the Bible was written from jail. I guess we would be in pretty good company, wouldnít we?

What do we do now? We are not yet under totalitarian rule. Here is a "to do" list of things that will help.

1. Win souls.

2. Teach others the gospel.

Teach people the truth; teach a Sunday School class; work a bus route; do something to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Everybody ought to have a ministry. If you are saved, do something to spread the gospel. Thatís the Great Commission.

3. Start a car/van/bus route.

If you come to church every week with just your family in your car, and you have an empty seat, you are not doing it right. You ought to bring somebody with you. If you cannot get two big ones, get you a little one. Buy him a hamburger after service. Find someone to influence for the Lord.

4. Start a tape lending ministry.

Maybe you do not know how to preach on creationism. I do, so get my tapes and books, and pass them out to somebody.

5. Get involved in textbook selection.

We are supposed to try to influence people for the Lord. Do whatever you can. Write letters. Get on the textbook selection committee. I wish we had some intelligent people on that committee, then we could have books that do not teach evolution.

6. Write textbook publishers about objections.

7. Run for the school board.

8. Write letters to the editor.

9. Cancel cable TV and newspapers (give time and money to God)

10. Pick a public school and:

a. Pray for teachers by name.

Many school teachers are frustrated with what is happening. They are not the enemy. Pass out a creation video tape to them. You can win them, one by one over to creationism and Christianity. Just as Paul did on Mars Hill, he reached the heathen with creation. When you are dealing with Jews, you talk about Scripture, and the Messiah. When you go to the heathen, you must to do it as Paul did on Mars Hill. "I want to talk to you about the unknown God, the creator of the universe." Thatís where you must start. Scripture does not phase them.

b. Send them a teacherís packet.

These are good tapes to convert teachers over to creationism and ultimately Christianity.

c. Start a Bible club release time.

A lot of counties have release time. Thatís where they have to allow the students out of school for an hour to have Bible study.

d. Show tapes (home, school, slumber parties).

e. Encourage teachers to get out of the NEA.

You say, "Iíll loose my insurance." Well, then donít have any insurance. God will honor a right decision. Start a new organization. There are already several good organizations just for teachers.

Here is a little story in closing this chapter. During the civil war a big old country boy from Alabama signed up to join the Rebs. He was going to go fight the Yankees. After he went through bootcamp, he got his rifle and back pack and all that good stuff, and went off to war. The Sergeant said, "Okay boy, you stay right chear in this here trench." He said, "But Serge, I didnít come to stand in the trench. I came to fight them thar Yankees, and them Yankees are right over thar." The Sergeant said, "Yep! Son, I know. The Yankees are dug in, and we are dug in. Nobody has moved for four weeks. We are staying right chear." The young soldier marched back and forth in the trench, and got madder by the minute. He had not come to sit in the trench. He came to fight Yankees. He was marching back and forth, and finally he couldnít take it any more. He dropped his back pack and his rifle. He jumped up out of the trench, and ran screaming and yelling across no-manís land, straight for the Yankeesí trench. A one-man charge. The Yankees were over there looking at this big old country boy running through the mud. Nobody even shot at him. They were too stunned. This big old country boy jumped down into the trench, grabbed the first Yankee he saw, and knocked him out cold. He picked up the Yankee, jumped out of the trench, and ran back across no manís land to the Rebel trench. The Yankees did not dare shoot. He had one of their men. He jumped back into the Rebel trench. All the Rebs gathered around and said, "What is that!" He said, "This hereís a Yankee." They said, "Yeah, we know. We can see that. Where did you getíem?" The big old country boy said, "I gotíem over yonder. Tharís a whole bunch more over thar. You all couldía got one ifín ya wanted one."

I am afraid we are going to get to heaven one day, and some people are going to have crowds of people around them that they lead to the Lord or influenced for Christ. Some other people are going to come up and say, "Whar dew get all them pecanverts?" "I gotíem down yonder on the earth. You all couldía had one ifín ya wanted one."

We just need to get busy. Jesus said to preach the gospel to every creature, baptize them, and teach them to go out and do the same. It could not be simpler. We are not doing it. We are losing. The Bible says in Proverbs 11:30b, "... he that winneth souls is wise." I guess that means the corollary would be, "He that does not win souls is not wise."

Are you trying to influence anyone for the Lord? What are you doing with your life that is of any eternal value? Is your whole life wrapped up in a ball? Who is going to care in a million years? What are you investing yourself in? Let me challenge you. If you are not saved, give your heart to the Lord. Just bow your head and ask the Lord to save you. Just say, "Lord, forgive me. Iím a sinner. Save me dear Lord." He will come into your heart and save you. Itís amazing the changes that he can make in your life. If you are saved, what are you doing for the Lord? Do you have a ministry? Are you doing anything besides warming up a chunk of pew a couple of times a week? What are you doing for the Lord? If itís not much, why donít you say, "Lord, Iím sorry. Forgive me. Help me to serve you."